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[Requested] Basic, Polished Brow Tutorial (tips, techniques, and choosing the right products and colors)

One more request for brow grooming.

Disclaimer: Now there are different ways of doing brows, and this isn’t the only way. You can also choose to do:

  • dramatic, thick, strong brows (40s- 50s bombshell brows and boyish brows)
  • super thin and dramatically arched (20s-30s flapper brows and theatrical/drag brows)

The one I’m doing today is just a regular polished brow and the basic guidelines apply to ALL brow shapes no matter how thick or sparse yours are:

  • Trimming/plucking for a neat appearance, without altering your natural brow shape too obviously
  • Filling in sparse or patchy areas for a slightly fuller look
  • Grooming the hairs so they look and stay neatly combed rather than pointing in all different directions

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(Source: makeupbox)

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